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Things I suck at…and how I’m still ok despite them


I promised a friend that if I decided to start a blog, that in between the serious posts we could talk about how we are just not together enough for some things and yet we still survive. So many people have this idea of perfection in life and when we fail to meet those horribly high standards we set for ourselves, the result can be a bit depressing. So today let’s talk about how those things don’t matter much in the long run, and how we are still here surviving despite those things.



Laundry. My old nemesis.  To be clear, I know HOW to do laundry. I am actually quite good at the various skills involved in doing laundry.  I know how to sort clothes, empty pockets, get stains out, use different settings for different types of loads, etc… I even was schooled as a young child on the correct ways to fold different types of shirts.  I COULD be a laundry goddess… but I am not. I always have good intentions, but it seems I can never quite follow through.  There is always a basket of unfolded socks and underwear lying around, as if I expect them to march in a line to the dresser, do a triple flip and land folded in the correct drawer.  To this date, I have never seen this happen.  If I ever do, I promise you will be the first to know!  Then there are those days that I get clothes all the way to the point of dry and then completely forget about them. You know, the old “use the dryer as a place to store clothes” days.  The good news is that a 12 year old’s skinny jeans do not tend to wrinkle, and if they do the wrinkles smooth out when they are stretched on in the morning.  The worst days are the ones when you wash and forget.  The worst one ever, my child was 7 and had a white bathing suit with colored hearts all over it. When it came out of the wash, those were not the only colors all over it and some colors were growing in front of my eyes.  That has never happened again.  Hey, at least I am teachable!

junk mail

Junk mail is the bane of my existence.  Ok, really ALL mail.  Even email.  How hard is it to bring the mail in the house, toss the junk mail, open the real stuff and move on?  Apparently harder than I ever imagined.  I have one of those cute little mail organizers hanging on the wall with 3 sections to hold mail.  I swear I could walk in the kitchen right now and find a cable bill from 3 years ago stuffed in one of those slots.  Let’s face it, those things are useless to some people.  The slots are too small for some envelopes, you actually need a schedule to clean them out, and after a few days they just look junky and are full.  I am one of those people.  Sadly, so is my fiance.  Perhaps we need to start scheduling monthly bonfires to invite friends to.  Solve your mail problems AND makes s’mores. I could get on board with that.  Don’t get me started about my email situation.  I literally have thousands of unread emails.  I think I’ve seen a few refer to email bankruptcy.  This sounds like a great idea, purging your email all at once.  If I actually made the time to do it.

Grumpy Cat

Clutter. Let’s be clear, I am not talking about trash and dirt. I do not hoard, we don’t eat in our bedrooms, and we are not unclean or unhygienic.  I accepted long ago that I will never have THAT house, though.  The one that looks like no one lives there? The one that could be shown off every single day of the year.  But just once, I would like for the coffee table to clear itself of the random things that take up residence on it.  I often think it would be so freeing to just go stark minimalist on everyone here and purge the house.  No one would know it from looking at my house, but I am quite the perfectionist.  I have a vision in my head of how I would like a room to look.  The problem occurs when I look at the reality of the room and realize I don’t have enough time to create that vision and decide not to bother.  I’m working on this. I swear! The old “take 5 minutes to pick up SOMETHING” has been in place for a while.  The problem is that my family can do more damage in 5 minutes than I can pick up.  So we have clutter.  And I just really don’t care.

clean house

I guess the point to this post is that we all have things we are not good at.  We get these images in our minds about how we SHOULD live, how an ideal life should be, and how we should be able to accomplish it all.  It’s easy to look at areas where we don’t meet those sometimes impossible standards, and judge yourself as a failure.  Lowering those standards doesn’t mean you fail. Sometimes it’s all about prioritizing them.  Most days I’m happy that my kid went off to school in clean, unwrinkled clothes and isn’t the stinky kid at school.  I never claimed to be, nor wanted to be the domestic goddess.  I know that drives some people crazy, and to those people I extend an open invitation to come do it all themselves. Knock yourself out!

What things are you not the best at?